UKGF Viking Glima 2 Day Public Masterclass + Certificate

UKGF Viking Glima 2 Day Public Masterclass + Certificate

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Total Dojo, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
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Join the UKGF and learn the combat skills of the Vikings!

     This two day Masterclass will be taught by Grand Master Tyr Neilsen of the Academy of Viking of Martial arts in Norway, and UKGF Chairman and Lead Instructor Alex Rogers. Training begins at an basic level on Day 1 so no previous Glima or martial arts experience is necessary, on Day 2 we advance to Intermediate skills and all who attend will receive a certificate from the UKGF which counts as 10 hours of training towards your first grading should you decide to continue to study the art with a UKGF accredited instructor

Space on this public Masterclass is limited, given the popularity of our previous events and the growing interest in Glima in the UK it is recommended that you book your place soon to avoid disappointment.


Glima - The Viking Martial Art

      In 2019 in a rare and true British first the UK Glima Federation introduced to the nation a fighting system which had never previously been taught here. The last time techniques from the system would have been seen was over one thousand years ago during the bloody age of Viking raids on our shores and the ensuing battles over land which continued for the next few hundred years. That fighting system, a combination of armed and unarmed combat is Glima - The Viking Martial Art.

     Glima was developed on battlefields for times when close combat without weapons was necessary.   Weapons can break in the heat of battle, Iron swords may have been strong but they were expensive and the Vikings we’re not rich before raids, most were farmers, craftsmen and trades folk and so a spear or axe with a hilt of wood was a more affordable option than an expensive sword and certainly an axe would have been an everyday tool used and carried by most if not all.

     Wood breaks under extreme pressure, blocking or parrying an enemy’s weapon for example could have rendered a warrior defenceless all but for his Seax, a type of long bladed knife, again a tool used for everyday tasks from crafting to hunting.   And so the ability to overpower and strip weapons from an armed foe or foes was essential for a Norse warrior’s survival on a distant battlefield far from home.   

     Back home away from the heat of battle a slightly less violent sporting version of Glima was practiced regularly, taught from a young age primarily to hone battlefield skills but also used for entertainment at gatherings in the same way we might watch a boxing match or other combative sporting event.   Glima for sport was also used to settle feuds between tribes without bloodshed, something which was essential to keep the peace in a time where honour ruled and laws didn’t exist.

     As a Martial Arts System Glima contains blocks and interceptions against open hand and weapons, strikes, kicks, pain techniques, throws and takedowns, weapon stripping and usage techniques to disarm an armed opponent, grappling both upright and on the ground, locks and chokes.  It is as versatile as any of the best known and respected Eastern arts and as entertaining to watch as an MMA match.   In fact, if you imagine watching a Bellator competition, throw in some weapons and take away the ref, time limit and all the rules – That’s something like what you see in any Glima training camp or academy, which are almost always based outdoors, any day of the year.

     Today in the UK we teach and practice Glima in two distinct ways; Sport Glima is the friendly version (and we do use that term loosely), primarily a grappling art with throws, takedowns, and pain techniques where the objective of any match is to ground your opponent as quickly as possible and be the champion by disengaging and being on your feet before them. And Combat Glima, the brutal battlefield evolved system which we teach today for the purpose of self defence. Whilst the weapons may have changed somewhat in the last thousand or so years from spears, swords and axes to baseball bats, broken bottles and knives which we see on our streets today - the techniques used to intercept them and overpower an attacker to enable an escape to safety have not. This makes Glima not only one of the oldest Martial Arts, but also one of the most effective self defence systems available today.

     Glima then can be described as an ancient and comprehensive Martial Arts system used for sport and self defence which is as current and devastating today as it was over one thousand years ago. And in April 2020 the UKGF is looking to grow its Instructing team to establish the art further in the UK.


Further Reading & Resources

     If you aren't ready to book yet but would like to know more about Glima from its rich history to its modern day application, UKGF Chairman Alex Rogers writes frequently on the UKGF Blog www.ukgf.co.uk/blog

     Alex also teaches from Raven's Claw Glima - the first British academy ever formed, and trains 100% outdoors all year round. If you're local to the East Midlands and want to join the Raven's for a training session, get in touch via their Facebook Page @RavensClawGlima

    Tyr Neilsen also writes regularly for the AVK Website and blog. Check that out at www.vikingmartialrts.com

     Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages for the UKGF can be found @UKGlima and if video is your thing you can watch everything from fights to technique lessons on Sport & Combat Glima on the UKGF YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtqpUUYJ4SiabwygEPlljhw

     Any enquiry or question regarding this event is welcomed at info@ukglima.co.uk


Boring Stuff

     This event cannot accomodate under 18's. Tickets are non refundable but are transferable. In the event you book but cannot attend you will be automatically transferred to the next event without charge or penalty.

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Total Dojo, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes
28, The Concourse, Brunel Centre, Bletchley Park
Milton Keynes
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